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Courier's Quest is a 3rd person 3D action-adventure game inspired by Norse mythology. 

Follow Tollo on his Courier's Mission

Step into the boots of Tollo, a kobold living in the world of Azruella. To earn money to take care of his young sister Tille, Tollo embarks on a courier's mission. However, things don't go as planned...

Explore the Wilds of Azruella

Come along with Tollo as he travels through the dark caves of the Underground and traverses the sacred forest of Yggdrasil. Among these wild places there are spots of respite, such as the village of Oslo in Yggdrassil and a forgotten minors camp in the Underground. Take advantage of these restful spots when possible because great dangers await outside... 

Face-Off Against Evil Creatures

Battle the monsters that roam Azruella's Wild Lands. The Jotun and Fursli are challenging enough, but even greater evil beings have recently emerged to wreak havoc and perhaps something more...

Fight with Melee, Range, or Magic

Engage in close combat or shoot enemies from afar with range. As Tollo uncovers his magical potential he will also unlock access to spells that can be used in combat! Give foes a shock with Lightning, or send them flying with Graviton...

Collect Lore

Azruella is a world with a rich history. Lore pages can be found in chests scattered throughout the world. They provide interesting insight about the world, and sometimes even information that can give you an edge over foes...


Gameplay Video


 Austin MartinStephanie Smith

Programming Team

Steven Fisher, Austin Martin, Holden Mitchell, Erik Murrell, Hiram Sun

Art Team

Ashley FernandezAndres GolzioAlex GrantAustin MartinNathan Pluskota

Design Team

Justin DownsAlly PyleMoe SaadehStephanie Smith, Haven Unearthly, Hang Zheng

Voice Actors

Piper Breslin, Christopher Colón, John Eppig, Austin Martin, Callie Wills


Ako, angaraka, Cuberto, Diana, Gocolumbia, HawkManHawkPlan, JJ863, Ozymandias1066, Swampfox, TotalBearBrush, xangel9626

Additional Help

Elisabeth AddisonLogan BernattJoaquin Villalobos



Install instructions

Older graphics cards (less then 2080) may struggle to render lighting in level 2, leading to flashing white lights. 

Click the download button then download the zip in the google drive. Once zip is downloaded, extract the files.

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